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About Dental Chakir

zvi chakir

Dental Chakir Ltd. has been active in the Israeli dental market since 1986 under the management of Mr. Zvi Chakir, a Mechanical Engineer. Mr. Chakir made his first step in the dental market as a distributor of Nitrous equipment for dentists, for which he used Nitrous Oxide (commonly known as laughing gas) that was produced in his family's factory in Petach Tikva, ISRAEL.

Today, Dental Chakir represents successfully many of the world's leading dental companies: Kerr, Kodak Carestream Dental, Amann Girrbach, exocad, Discus Philips, Dexis and Kerr.

The company operates from its elegant offices in the center of the high-tech zone of Herzliya. The offices include hospitality center for "Study Club" events, display area and warehouse for immediate supply and another warehouse for the "heavier equipment", nearby.

In addition to its 15 dedicated professionals, Dental Chakir outsources its transportation and logistics, advertising and graphics services. The company's employees has been trained either in Israel or abroad in order to provide our customers with professional and reliable service for  Carestream imaging equipment, Dexis IOS, Amann Girrbach milling machines, exocad,  Philips lasers, Discus - ZOOM bleaching lamps as well as professional response in regarding the dental materials marketed by the company.
Through this website, Dental Chakir provides also D3 reports preparation services to dental institutes and dentists that use D3 CBCT machines.

In 2014, the company management decided to enter the field of Dental CAD/CAM, Intraoral Scanners and Milling Machines. In order to give doctors the most professional solutions in the field (which is a very "hot" topic today), Dental Chakir is representing 3 of the world's leading companies: Dexis: Intraoral Scanners, exocad, CAD/CAM dental design software and AMANN GIRRBACH. The CAD/CAM department employs 5 dental qualified technicians led by Head of Department: Sina Ben Habib, who has a Meister degree (Germany).

In this framework Dental Chakir created a Training Center in Herzliya with complete CAD/CAM system where doctors can be trained and get practical experience in all phases of dental CAD/CAM, from scanning through design to and sintering. In addition the Center is used for frontal lectures to up to 20 participants.

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